Concord - Vario XT-5 Black Edition Car Seat (9-36 kg) - Black

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Concords MOST SIMPLE, MOST SECURED & MOST BEAUTIFUL MODEL UP TO DATE.The seat that grows with your child in a new way.Vario XT-5 is made for the groups I / II / III / Age: from 9 months to 12 years / weight: 9-36 kgVARIO XT-5 is a new generation of s…
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The seat that grows with your child in a new way.

Vario XT-5 is made for the groups I / II / III / Age: from 9 months to 12 years / weight: 9-36 kg

VARIO XT-5 is a new generation of seats from Concord, and comes with new technology.

  • XT-5 is easy-to-operate all the groups
  • Safety that keeps pace with the child's growth, for up to 12 years of useful product life
  • New and particularly user-friendly operation • Group I: safe and comfortable 5-point harness system and innovative seat height adjustment facility
  • Long, softly upholstered leg rest provides comfort for little ones' legs
  • Good air circulation, particularly in the lower part of the backrest for extra comfort
  • PROCOMFORT SYSTEM: Easy-touse and readily accessible adjustment of sitting or reclining position
  • As our only Group I / II / III car seat, includes facility to modify the seat height for use in Group I or Group II / III as appropriate.

VARIOSIZE SYSTEM: intelligent, straightforward size adjustment in Group II / III, linked to the seat height adaptation facility for Group I: - Adjustment of the headrest and shoulder protectors is automatically blocked until the seat is set at its lowest level, indicating that a move from Group I to Group II / III is required. - Radically innovative feature prevents the risk of incorrect use when switching from Group I to Group II / III.

  • Simultaneous and smooth adjustment of the headrest and shoulder protectors at the touch of a button – with pneumatic assistance
  • Maximum safety and comfort levels for both parents and children
  • Excellent energy management, innovative cushioning materials and a perfect ergonomic belt geometry system

LIGHT WEIGHT PROTECTION FRAME (wrap-around steel frame) and a multifunctional shell that grows with the child, for outstanding results in all crash test scenarios

  • Intuitive vehicle seatbelt guide (Group II / III) with automatically locking buckle
  • Easily understandable and readily accessible controls
  • Isofix and top-tether fastening for particularly secure attachment within the vehicle
  • Clear red-green marking on both Isofix connectors and tightness indicator for the top-tether fastening ensure correct fitting

CONCORD is one of the most recognized suppliers of child equipment in Germany. Their history began in 1978, where Heinz-Joachim Kaufmann founded the company. Maximum safety, simple handling and increased comfort has the highest priority to CONCORD, when it comes to their products. They only use the top range in quality and extraordinary designs.

CONCORD has 5 core values:

Usability – It has great importance that their products are customized to the children's needs, is functional and practical. The products are to help the parents in their every day lives.

Simplicity – The products are easy to use and understand in the everyday live.

Personality – The products are designed to fulfill a function and are valued because of their high quality.

Quality – CONCORD uses only child-safe high quality materials in their production. The creation and processing of the products is reliable, solid and robust.

Service – CONCORD attach great value to customer satisfaction. They care for the customers interests and offer a complete and professional service.

Since 2010, CONCORD has worked together with Unicef in order to reduce the child mortality in Congo. This they do through the mosquito nets, which ensures that the children can sleep safely without the fear of malaria, which is one of the biggest proportion of the children deaths.


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Concord - Vario XT-5 Black Edition Car Seat (9-36 kg) - Black

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