Acoustic guitars | Buy cheap guitars in top quality

Acoustic guitars | Buy cheap guitars in top quality


Buy your acoustic guitar for the big scene or the bonfire. Maybe you are an experienced rock star? Maybe it is your childhood’s dream, and you have finally decided to get your first guitar. In any case, you have come to the right and most musical corner of the internet. On this page you will find a great and cheap selection of acoustic and steel-string guitars on offer. Kickstart your rock star mood now and get delivered in 2-3 working days. The delivery cost is already included. ROCK ON!

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The classic Spanish acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars send us back to the campfire, the open sky and good mood. Or that time you stood wearing an ascot tie and sang about how you as a young boy lost your heart to the neighbour girl. In any case, the classic guitar is for those of you who maybe just recently got introduced to the world of sore fingers and strings. Or for those who want to play guitar at home. These guitars are best for beginners. With an acoustic guitar you can go for all genres and corners of the world of music, and it is the best starting point, if you want to master an instrument. But remember! If you want to be a guitarist, it is only cool if people know you can play. It doesn’t count to hide it away in a corner full of dust. When you finally decide to get it together and learn the art, you will definitely be met with tough competition from enthusiastic young fighting roosters that all fight to be heard. But man, will you have fun in the process. On this page you will find acoustic guitars from the big brands: Fender, Yamaha, Epiphone and Tanglewood. They are the front-runners on the market, and you are guaranteed quality in top class – no matter which brand you choose to go with. All acoustic guitars you will find on this page have been through a merciless sorting process from our buyers, and you will be presented exclusively with guitars from the top shelf. You are in safe hands, and soon your new guitar will be in your safe hands.

Steel-string guitars

The steel-string guitar has reached enormous popularity in the last years, both among the home musicians and professional rock stars and singers. Many big musicians have switched to only half-acoustic guitars, since it is just easier to get the sound out to people this way. The big guns have even started producing their own steel-string guitars. Ed Sheeran to name one. Steel-string guitars are for those who are looking for a harder, sharper tone than the Spanish guitar, and you can explore our cheap selection.

One of the differences between classic guitar and steel-string guitar is that with a steel-string guitar you have a chance to get a guitar amplifier through the built-in jack plug that most steel-string guitars have. You should look at our product descriptions. You can shortly describe this version as the perfect mixture of an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. Steel-string guitars are for those who love loud sound and maybe play in a band, where there is need for a bit of extra power, when the sound needs to reach screaming maidens and shouting fight roosters. If you choose to go with a steel-string guitar, you should be aware that the strings are made of steel, which is what gives this popular metallic sound, and not nylon, which we know from the classic guitars. The design of the guitar itself reminds a lot of the electric guitars. The difference is though that steel-string guitar’s body is hollow, while the body of the electric guitar is solid. You can jam away in all genres with a steel-string guitar, from country, pop, rock, soul and blues. On this page you will find a great selection of steel-string guitars, and we have lowered prices, so you can buy cheap and safe. Keep an eye on offers and sharp deals that are constantly presented. The absolute most popular steel-string guitar is Dreadnought, which is good for all types of music and is extra flexible for beginners.

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