Expand your sales and visibility - Join Coolshop Marketplace.

If you want to expand your sales into unexploited markets, then this is an unqiue opportunity for you. Sign up via the link below to get started

- Step 1: Register: Open a Coolshop Marketplace Shop
- Step 2: Catalogue: Import your product catalogue and offer product for sale
- Step 3: Sell: Accept customer order
- Step 4: Ship: Ship directly to the customer
- Step 5: Earn: Receive payment for the sale

Sign up

International trade is made easy with Coolshop Marketplace as you will be given an easy and low risk access to all of Coolshop¹s 7 operational markets (DK, SE, NO, FI, DE, NL, UK). You only have to open one shop and give up one price in you selected currency on your offer and we will calculate the conversion rate, VAT and tax for the different markets.

By joining Coolshop Marketplace you will get:

- A professional partner in sales, with more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce.
- A solid and well organized sales platform, displaying a broad variety of product categories.
- Professionel assistance in marketing and improving your position in the market.
- Some of the lowest comission rates for marketplace vendors and no start up fees.
- The benefit of Coolshop's leading brand in nordic e-commerce and being associated with a strong CSR-profile
- The support and guidance af an account manager dedicated to you and reachable by phone, skype and email, who also will advise in pricing and positioning on the marketplace

So if you prioritise customer satisfaction, have a quality assortment at competitive prices and wish to boost your sales - join Coolshop Marketplace today!

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